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DJNS: Episode 160

Originally broadcast April 8, 2008. Our Tuesday Night bliss started a little later than usual on HearUsTalk, but all went well. Starbucks has a bit of a surprise, GermFreak is getting into technology, and Barbara accepts a challenge. We had a lot of fun doing this show and since the live broadcast was delayed, we went a little longer.

A brief rundown of a few highlights:

  • Starbucks, what the fuck?
  • Frank is trying to become “tech savvy”.
  • Away messages: Cracking the code.
  • AlexWebs hosts The Chill Spot.
  • One Hit Wonder Challenge: Mid to late 90’s Edition.
  • PristineSneakers joins us for Is It Gay?

Download: Episode: 160 (04-08-2008) | Watch Episode 160

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