The DJNewStyle Show



The DJNewStyle Show was an Internet Radio show that began in December of 2004 and was hosted by DJNewStyle and many of his friends. The show has built a loyal audience due in large part to interactions with The Ron and Fez Show.

In May of 2008, an hour long special was performed on Sirius-XM Satellite Radio as a part of the Night of 101 Podcasts. The show was performed with longtime co-host Germfreak, who left the show in June of 2010 and returned for a special reunion episode in December.

The program was focused on our day to day lives. When guests weren’t being interviewed, we found ourselves involved in discussions centered on minor events that routinely evolved into brutal tales of frustration or embarrassment.

For most of its run, the format was long-form talk radio, broadcast live, with listeners contributing feedback through phone lines and chatrooms.  Each episode is meticulously curated on the official site and remains available on a podcast.

The equipment used to produce the show was been finely tuned so that editing was not necessary.  The need for filtering and post production were eliminated.  Learn more about the podcast equipment used.

The DJNewStyle Show is proud to be a member of the HearUsTalk Network.

🎤 2004 - 2014